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Boys and Girls Club to raise prices

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - The Maverick Boys and Girls Club will raise their prices starting next month. The decision comes after, the club was told by donors it had to at least break even on its operating costs to keep their funding coming through its doors.

Wednesday, Maverick kids worked hard, washing cars, doing their part to keep the clubs doors open. However, even with fundraising and grants, it's not enough. Amarillo families will have to shell out much more cash to keep their children off the streets. The total price tag is still for discussion.

The board recently approved a raise that would take membership fees from 20 dollars a year to 20 dollars a week.  That works out to be nine hundred dollars annually. Parents appealed to the club, that wasn't affordable and they would be forced to pull their kids out.

"We aren't going to be of service to anyone if we go out business, but we also aren't going to meet our mission if we charge too much." said Vick Allcorn with Maverick Boys and Girls Club.

Administrators say they don't have any other options. They operate on a daily basis in the red.

The Maverick expects to have a new fee set at the end of this week. The change will take place at the start of the new school year. 

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