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New Drug and Alcohol Facility in Pampa

Mac Smith Mac Smith
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Amarillo, TX - One town along with 1 family in our area joined together to help people who abuse drugs and alcohol throughout the Panhandle.

"We're talking about opening an alcohol and drug facility here in Pampa," Mac Smith said, "It is something we care a lot about and it's something there is a great need for and it's something we feel like we can help out in every way we can."

The funding comes from being in a local oil industry business, the motivation comes from within the family, "I'm a recovering alcoholic and I know what this has done to my family," Father David Smith said, "So I'm very interested in not only helping the addict but the family too."

It's going to be called, Lifetime Recovery Centers of America, and when it is finished it will house more than 1,000 drug and alcohol abuse patients. The Smith family introduced their plan to city officials last week, and today they told Pampa residents why this facility is so important for not only the panhandle but the nation.

"I don't think it's any secret in this town in this area in this state and in this nation we have a huge problem with drugs and alcohol," Mac said, "There are people addicted to drugs that you make underneath your kitchen sink there are people that will drink themselves to death on a regular basis and that's something that really touches our family and something we care about a lot."

The facility will also bring more jobs to the community. The project is hiring 52 new employees in 2011, 24 of which will be making over $61,000 a year. Inside of five years, the Smiths are hoping for 285 employees.


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