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Jail Mistakenly Lets Inmate Go Free

CLOVIS, NEW MEXICO - On Wednesday, a Curry County Detention Center employee let Johnny Cordova leave out the front door - despite the fact he was supposed to be serving time for various traffic offenses and had a pending trail on at least his seventh DWI charge.

Cordova was out of jail for five days before being recaptured. It's part of a long line of troubles for the facility.

Since 2005 there have been 14 inmates escape from the jail, most of which were classified as dangerous criminals.

"It seems like people over there aren't doing their jobs. they're not doing it right. I mean come on," Near-by Neighbor Veronica Hernandez said.

But Jail Administrators say employees are doing their best.

"The staff, they work hard. and you hate something like this happens, but we are striving. we are moving forward," Keith Norwood said.

The employee who let him out of jail has also been fired. But the administrators says that worker had gone through extensive training and should have known better. They had been in booking at the facility for 11 months.

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