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Local illegal student speaks out in support of DREAM Act

AMARILLO--- Proposed legislation would allow undocumented American high school graduates a chance to obtain permanent American residency. It is called the DREAM Act, or Development, Relief or Education of Alien Minors Act.

Robert, the alias of an illegal student, has lived in the United States for half of his life. 

"I am just an average American teenager." said Robert.

 A graduate of Palo Duro High School, the now Amarillo College student, is uncertain of future plans when his studies at AC finish.

" It is really hard to believe my residency status stamps my future." he tells NewsChannel 10.

This week, across our nation, illegal students have come out of dark, in hopes the U.S. Senate will pass the legislation.  The DREAM act would apply to those who came to the U.S. as a young child, lived in the country and obtained an American high school diploma. An in turn, they could enlist in the military, attend U.S. universities, and get higher paying jobs.

Immigration counselor, Al Muñiz, tells NewsChannel 10 Robert is not alone in his quest for education.  The Dream Act would affect thousands of undocumented students right here in Amarillo.

" The sad thing is, a lot of these kids are brilliant.  They would bring a lot to this country, if they had a chance to study." Said Muñiz.

Several Amarillo residents spoke with NewsChannel 10 against the DREAM act.  However, they refused to go on record.

Despite their opinions, Robert hopes the DREAM act will pass into law.

" I am no one to judge people.  They are certainly no one to judge people because of who we are and where we came from.  How would they feel, if they were in the same situation?" expressed Robert.


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