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Local push for Ten Commandments monuments

Janet Scroggs Janet Scroggs

Kristen Guilfoos
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Amarillo, Texas - A group of people from all over the panhandle are starting a movement to put Christian monuments in front of county courthouses all across Texas.

They're pushing for monuments like the one that sits in front of the Moore County Courthouse, with the Ten Commandments on top and quotes from our founding fathers on the side.

If the US government can have something like it, they say there's no reason counties can't as well.

Janet Scroggs is part of the movement. She says, "the Ten Commandments is where our law system is derived from. Even in the Supreme Court it has Moses holding the Ten Commandments with other law makers facing toward him in the building, right above the doorway there."

Judge Arthur Ware says you won't see one in front of the Potter County courthouse... Adding there's a time and place for such a monument and that place is in front of a church.

"In a world today where everybody is sue happy, the last thing this county wants to do is fight lawsuits defending the Ten Commandments on the courthouse grounds when they could be better placed at a church or some other place. If somebody wants the Ten Commandments than you're gonna have other religious groups that are gonna want something there also."

Dallam, Hartley, Moore and Hansford already have a monument. Hutchinson and Carson counties are in the middle of building ones. People in Oldham and Roberts counties are putting together a presentation to try and persuade their county judges.

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