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Father of missing boy admits he put him in the ice chest

Maxine Ridling
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Court records show the father Robert Nunez, 36, of missing boy Miguel Angel Nunez, told an investigator Thursday he put the child in an ice cooler and placed in the attic in April 2004. Earlier this year, Mr. Nunez reportedly told his probation officer he was going to El Paso to pick up his son Miguel and bring him back to his mother, Brenda Wheeler. He never returned the son, and on April 21 2010 he was brought to Grand Jury where he reportedly said the child was alive and living in Mexico. Mr. Nunez was charged with Alleged Perjury yesterday on that case.

The Amarillo Police Department believe a boy who was reported missing 6 years ago was found on Monday, July 19, in an attic inside an ice cooler. Police responded to the 1600 Block of N. Seminole on reports of a suspicious ice chest in the attic with a disturbing smell. When they arrived on scene Amarillo Lt.  Gary Trupe was one of the first to see what was inside of the cooler.

"When we opened up the ice chest we could see it contained the body of a small child," Lt. Trupe said early Thursday morning at a press conference, "We then sent the remains to Lubbock, TX to have an autopsy."

Police say the remains of the body are believed to be Miguel Angel Nunez who has been missing since 2003 and has not been seen since 2004. Officials said the residence of where the body was found, is also where Miguel was living before he was reported missing.

Miguel's mother reported him missing when she was released from the Potter County Correction Center in 2004. When she was arrested on a misdemeanor offense, Miguel was left in the custody of her husband, Robert Nunez.

When she returned home 1 year later, she found her husband but no child. She was told Miguel was with Roberts parents in Brownfield TX. She later learned her son was not there nor had he ever been there and she then notified police. She has worked with Child Protective Services, 47th District Attorneys Office and Law Enforcement investigators in an attempt to locate Miguel.

"We have notified the mother," Lt. Trupe said, "We are working on getting her DNA so we can use it to determine if it is Miguel's."

Police said the child was between 3 months - 1 year of age, and they will not have autopsy results for 4-6 weeks.

"I think people have been told for a long time that this boy has been alive and he's either in Mexico or another city but we are pretty sure that this is him."

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