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Alleged Texhoma Sexting Scandal

Maxine Ridling
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Three Texhoma boys are charged with Distribution of Child Pornography after they received a picture of a naked girl on their cell phones. It was more than a year ago when a Texhoma High School girl allegedly sent a naked picture of herself from her cell phone and then sent it to her boyfriends cell phone. The Texas County Sheriff's Department said that the boy then sent the picture to an unknown amount of people.

Texas County District Attorney Michael Boring said, "The only charge that is really applicable in Oklahoma right now for what everyone is referring to as sexting, is a charge relating and falling under our child pornography statues."

If the boys are convicted they will have to register themselves as sex offenders, and as for the girl who sent the picture she could may face charges as well.

"We are looking into the potential of charging that person if it's transmitted," Boring said.

The Sheriff's Department told NewsChannel 10 a parent came to them about the photo and that is when they began their investigation. Since then, 3 adults have been charged and 2 minors are also facing charges.

"I am almost positive we are going to be charging more people with this case," Boring said, "Because so many people were involved."

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