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Major art museum tucked in Canadian

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

Canadian native,  Dr. Malouf Abraham has lived all around the world, but for him and his wife Therese, there is no place like Canadian.

"A lot of people come here looking for the real Texas" said Abraham.

So when the couple decided they wanted to allow others to enjoy their private art collection, They looked no farther than their own backyard.  They turned a house full of memories into an art museum, the Citadel  

"It just looks like we just got our clothes and walked out ." Abraham tells NewsChannel 10.

The museum boasts antiques, sculptures, and more than 200  paintings crafted by many famous artists, including Norman Rockwell and Georgia O'Keefe.  The collection has even grabbed the attention of international agencies. 

"They asked if they could borrow this for the Olympics for a big art show in china." Said Abraham when referring to a J. C. Leyendecker painting. 

Museum director Wendie Cook describes the Citadel as an experience, and not just because of the art collection. 

"Some people will say to the Abraham's, 'why did you take your collection and leave it here?' Really it would lose its charm, its the grounds, its the gardens."

"Things like this are really just treasures." expresses Abraham.

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