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Dinosaur greets drivers in Canadian

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

Canadian---Weighing in at over a ton, dinosaur "Aud" definitely gets the attention of drivers headed down highway 60/83 into Canadian.

Aud sits on top of the hill as you drive into canadian. The artist,  83-year-old Gene Cockrell, crafted her out of iron mesh and concrete 18 years ago. Childhood memories sparked Aud's creation.

"Iwould come by there just across the road, there was a little old pointed hill and there was a cedar tree that looked just like a bear. Every time I came to town, I would look for that bear.  I built Aud so maybe the kids would look for it." Cockrell tells News Channel 10.

Aud is short for Audrey, his wife. The couple have nearly 20 other creatures hanging out in their yard.

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