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Dumas: An economic boom

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Dumas, Texas - There's an economic boom going on in Dumas... The population has grown by several thousand, and most of that is a direct result of all the new businesses moving in.

Over the past year, three new hotels have opened, bringing the total number of hotel rooms in the city to 700. Those hotels alone have added an extra 100 new jobs.

And more are on the way, as the city is also attracting attention from green energy companies... Everything from wind technology to solar power advancements.

Mike Running, Executive Director of Dumas' EDC, says, "some of the firms that we're bringing in are discussing projects as much as $200 million. We know of some more development work that's occurring that's probably going to exceed that number as well."

The unemployment rate in Dumas is not only below the national average, but the state average as well, which gives local leaders hope for an even more prosperous future.

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