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Possible legislation could crackdown on puppy mills

Elise Preston

AMARILLO--- Currently , there is no  state government regulation on puppy mills.  Some lawmakers and animal advocacy groups are hoping to change that.

Sidney Koenig's eyes were filled with tears as she described to NewsChannel 10 the condition of he new puppy Miley.

"She had about 100 ticks," said Koenig.

Koenig and her children picked up Miley from an area puppy mill Sunday night. 

" She has very sad eyes and she won't move, I think she might be in pain, exclaimed Koenig.

Some Texas lawmakers are hoping they can curb thousands of puppies from wounding up like Miley.  When session resumes, Representative Senfronia Thompson will plead for a second time for the state to regulate puppy mills. Last year, Thompson did not have the support of several animal advocacy groups.

" We felt as though the version of the bill presented represented a government over  regulation that would fail to stop the problem.  There was a problem, but that particular bill wouldn't stop the bad actors." Elizabeth Choate with the Texas Veterinary Medical Association told NewsChannel 10.

TVMA is now one of many groups working with Rep. Thompson to draft legislation many could be happy with in the near future.

A future, Koenig hopes will be promised for thousands of dogs in our state.

"We're just praying the little puppy makes it."


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