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Amarillo man saves family from burning car

Shane Ward Shane Ward

Laura Rojas
NewsChannel 10

Oklahoma City, OK - What was supposed to be an uneventful trip from Oklahoma City turned out to be a shocking and traumatic experience on the highway for one local family.

Shane Ward, from Amarillo, was with his family traveling down I-40 in Caddo County behind a semi when unexpectedly things took a turn for the worst on the highway. "We saw the debris fly up and then the pickup the ladies were in got up on the guardrail, blew up and went over, rolled and then fell down to the overpass,"he said. 

That's when ward drove down to the vehicle, got out of his car and started pulling the victims out of the burning truck.

He discovered 12 year-old Silvia Walker-Higher and her two aunts were inside and stayed with them until help arrived. "I sat there with them and um Silvia the 12-year-old girl she was in pretty major shock...she kept asking me if she was going to die," Ward said.

He says he remained by her side held her hand and told her some comforting words. "I'm really glad he saved us um..and if he didn't then we wouldn't have gotten out alive," he said.

And when asked what he thinks about being a hero, Shane is grateful for the way things turned out. "Just super happy how it turned out...there's a mama who still has her daughter, two other ladies that are okay...and they're going to be okay," he said.

Something Silvia is thankful for too.

Silvia is in an Oklahoma City hospital being treated for burns, while her aunts are recovering from their injuries.

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