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More Food Given to Local Families

Elise Preston

AMARILLO, TX - Local food agencies have seen a steep increase in the food going out to families.

The High Plains Food Bank has almost doubled its food distribution to area families. In June, the food bank gave out nearly 600 thousand pounds of food. Nearly 350 thousand pounds were given out during June 2009.  

City Church in downtown Amarillo tells NewsChannel10, they have also seen a spike.  The organization delivers lunches to children throughout the summer.  This summer, the organization has already handed out more lunches than previous years.  Volunteers say, not only are they delivering food to more homes, they are also seeing more children staying inside the homes.

"Obviously there is not as much work out there. The families are moving around more . 1 person out of 3 may have a job, so the rest of kids are homes with mothers or grandmothers," said Rod Hester with City Church.

With the steep increase in demand, agencies say they also need more donations and volunteers in taking a bite out of the area's hunger.


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