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El Paso Natural Gas, Bushland Landowners Settle Lawsuit

Attorney Brian Heinrich Attorney Brian Heinrich

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TEXAS - A settlement has been reached between El Paso Natural Gas and some Bushland landowners.

In the lawsuit, El Paso sued land owners because they refused to let the company reroute its pipeline on their undeveloped land for the amount of money El Paso was offering.

After the November explosion of El Paso's pipeline in Bushland, the company made plans to reroute the gas line around existing homes.

But landowners were not satisfied with the amount El Paso offered them to cover the potential loss in value of their land because of the pipeline.

Brian Heinrich, an attorney for some of the landowners, says "before the company or government can institute an eminent domain proceeding, they have to first make an effort to try to reach an agreement. In this particular case it was not possible to reach an agreement."

The company and landowners, after the lawsuit was filed, finally did come to an agreement, but the amount the settlement is worth is not public.

Those landowners will soon have a pipeline running through their property.

An El Paso spokesman says once a district judge approves the settlement, work on the pipeline should start in late August and be finished by October.