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Local Tea Party Speaks Out Against NAACP Racial Claims

By Elise Preston

AMARILLO--- The Amarillo Tea Party Patriots are speaking out against racial claims made by the NAACP.

According to local president, Jodi Maner, racially charged incidents made by tea party members are actions made by individuals, not the tea party movement as a whole.

"I can only speak to what happens here. I would imagine that people would have asked people to remove their signs if they were offensive or outrageous," Maner tells NewsChannel 10.

Racial accusations stem from a resolution passed by the NAACP. The national organization's web site calls on Tea Party leaders to "repudiate those in their ranks who use racist language in their signs and speeches."  The NAACP says their stance was sparked by racial incidents toward black leaders, including President Barack Obama.

Maner says, the Tea Party movement in Amarillo does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

"It doesn't make any difference. We want content of character, like Martin Luther King said. That's what we invite. People who have the same kind of belief systems and the policies we have.  We invite all of them to join us."

 The Amarillo chapter of the NAACP was not available to comment Wednesday. 

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