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New School Debate

CLOVIS, NEW MEXICO - Debate is brewing in Clovis after a group formed out of the tea party starts a petition about the local school district.

At issue is where the board plans to build its new middle school. The group had voted to do it on a 40 acre plot of land they received as a gift. It's located in an emerging sub division in an area that is also two miles outside city limits.

The group high plains patriots is asking the district to reconsider the location. Their petition calls for a study of all other possible areas.

So far a couple hundred people have signed on, including some local doctors, retired military commanders and even one former Lt. Governor. The school board has agreed to hold another meeting to discuss the location... that will happen on July 20th at 5:30 p.m.

They plan on hearing expert opinion and public input there.

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