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New technology may show breast cancer earlier

Dr. John "Chip" Coscia Dr. John "Chip" Coscia
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Maxine Ridling
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Amarillo, TX - Women in our area may soon be able to detect one of the deadliest cancers even earlier, because of a new technology doctors will be able to view the breast in a completely different way. It allows doctors to see the breast in sections which will make it even easier to detect any lumps that may be cancerous.

Today women can either receive a mammogram or an ultrasound to see if they have breast cancer, but according to Dr. John "Chip" Coscia mammogram's don't always detect everything.

"One of the downsides of mammogram's is that women that have dense breasts it's hard to see trough the fibers and other tissues," Dr. Coscia said, "With current technology you can have a large tissue in the breast and you might not see it."

The new technology can be compared to a CAT Scan, "it's like a CT scan of the breast that is with the mammogram machine but takes several electronic slices of the breast."

The FDA hasn't approved it yet, and when they do it won't be available for a few years.

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