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Randall Co. Courthouse... The Renovation Story

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Canyon, Texas - Randall County is coming up short when it comes to footing the bill to fully restore the courthouse, which is why the outside may look pristine, while the inside is still falling apart. 

The courthouse's renovation has a price tag of close to three million dollars... And that's just to restore the outside. That phase will be finished by September 30th.

By that time, the North Annex will be all gone... If the county wants the Texas Historical Commission to help foot the bill, the commission says it has to go.

Commissioner Bob Karrh says, "we added two annexes built in a modern structure back in the 40s and now we have to tear down the north annex like we did the south to bring it back to as close to the 1909 conditions as they were."

Even with the $1.9 million grant from the THC, the county doesn't have any money left to restore the inside, and they don't want to raise taxes... Meaning it will stay in disrepair for the for-seeable future.

Karrh says they've asked for more money from the commission, but since Texas is in a budget crisis of it's own, getting that extra money granted doesn't look like it's going to happen.

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