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Adults in our area need colon screenings now more than ever

Dr. Amit Trehen Dr. Amit Trehen

Maxine Ridling
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Amarillo, TX - More people than ever before in our area are getting screened for one of the most deadliest cancers, but some local doctors warn we're not in the clear just yet. Today Amarillo Endoscopies Center gave almost 20 colonscopys which is twice the amount than last year. But this treatment center isn't the only one that is busy, people are getting more screenings nationally as well.

A recent study done by Center for Disease Control and Prevention says colonscopys have increased substantially. Dr. Amit Trehen said that more people are coming to get the procedure done, but thousands of people in our area are still needing it, "We have seen a trend since 2001, the number of colon cancers has gone down so there is a much better cure rates and it has done wonders," Dr. Trehen said, "It is wonderful it's the fact that not enough people are taking advantage of it."

The recent study found that 52% of people ages 50 to 74 had a colonoscopy in 2002 and it increased to 63% in 2008. But today 22 million men and women between the ages of 50 to 74 have not had a colorectal cancer screening.

Dr. Trehan says there is more technologies to come, which will make the post procedure easier to do,  "People that don't like liquids have pills now," Dr. Trehan said, "it's not one pill it's a few pills that you have to take and let them go through your system, it's painless and very very safe."

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