Local Ugandans react to terrorist attack

By Elise Preston

CANYON-- Local Ugandans are reacting to the latest terrorist attack in Kampala, Uganda.

Sunday, a pair of suspected suicide bombers set off explosions throughout the city. At the time, victims were watching the final soccer game of the World Cup.  As of Monday evening, the death toll stood at 74.

Long time Canyon resident and Ugandan native, Theresa Jaiwa, left Uganda nearly 30 years ago to escape Idi Amin's dictatorship. In 2005, She visited her home country and was pleased to find the country peaceful and questions the motives of the recent attacks.

"There was so much political upheaval for many, many years. Why would that be an area for them to go?" Jaiwa tells NewsCannel10.

Her family resides in Kampala, where the terrorist attacks took place.  Monday morning she spoke to them and they were doing well.  Even with her personal good news, Jaiwa is refusing to watch the disturbing aftermath images.

" I try not to see that on TV.  Things like that keep you indoors.  You feel like, I don't want to go outside. Things might happen.  Something like this reminds us of 9/11." Jaiwa said.

For now, she is waiting, like the rest of the world, for details to surface about the attacks.