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Local Churches are a target for burglars

Saint Martin Catholic Church Church member Tim Ohmes Saint Martin Catholic Church Church member Tim Ohmes
Monsignor Nicholls Monsignor Nicholls

Maxine Ridling
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - A place that is supposed to be sacred is quickly turning into a target. Sunday the Saint Martin Catholic Church finished installing a security system, since they were broken into Thursday morning they want to make sure the burglars don't come back again.

Church member Tim Ohmes says, "We were broken into, it's happening it's a sad thing but it's happening." Ohmes is saying what a lot of other churches are saying too. Burglars are breaking windows and stealing items like lawn mowers, tools, and televisions. "They went through our office window and stole our televisions, and then went to the back shed and stole ladders, tools, and lawn mowers," Monsignor Nicholls said.

Lieutenant Jim Burgess of The APD says this has been happening a lot in our area, "We've had a total of 49 church burglaries this year alone."

"We found that most churches are not alarmed, most of them don't have cameras, the churches are open to the public at different days of the week with different hours and different activities so it's easy for them to come and go," Burgess says.

Saint Martin Church used to not have security alarms, but now they do, and The APD says every local church needs to get one as well. "Make sure all of the doors are secure, and you may want to invest in a stronger security system."

Monsignor Nicholls gave the church a strong message today in their Sunday service, that he refers to John Wesley's Diary, "Today I was robbed I thank the lord that although I was robbed this was the first time I've ever been robbed and I thank the lord that although they took my money they didn't take my life.

Call Crime Stoppers  if you have any information regarding this case or any church burglaries  806-374-4400 or text to CRIMES

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