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Saving Water in Mexico

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Bushland, TX - It is a "lack" of rainfall that has some Mexican farmers interested in our water conservation methods. Producers in Mexico are now being held to stricter regulations for the amount of water they can use irrigating crops.

Desperate to turn a profit, some have traveled here to see how we are dealing with a depleting water source.

The economy in Zacatecas Mexico depends heavily on irrigated crops. Water expert Jean Steiner says, "It is in a semi-arid region. Almost all of the water pumpage is for irrigation. Irrigation feeds the entire state and regional economies."

Sound familiar, that's because it is. The climate here in our area is very similar to what the farmers in Zacatecas deal with every day. "The water depletion in the Ogallala Aquifer. And we have the same problem in the Calera Aquifer. The water is depleted," Dr. Francisco Majarro says.

So farmers and researchers have traveled here looking for help to conserve water, and their way of life.

Majarro says, "each year the farmers have to pay more for the same amount of water they have to pump. So that is the main reason we are here."

But the learning goes both ways. Because when the Ogallala Aquifer is no more, we will deal with the same situation.

Steiner says, "We have a lot to learn about their focus and commitment to the sustainability of their groundwater. Their goal is to stem the depletion."

And our researchers are working toward the same goal. But there is still so much left to be done.

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