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"An Amarillo Charity Says People are not Applying"

By Ali Allison

One Amarillo Charity needs people to apply for housing. Habitat for Humanity says if families don't apply for housing they can't build.

Becky Davis says "It must be they don't know exactly what Habitat for Humanity is or they are already frustrated they cant seem to get ahead." She says they have only built two homes so far this year. That is three less than last year. "We want to build more homes so we need people to know about what we are doing come in and see if its a good fit."

To help stir interest, the group will have an application orientation on July 21st to explain how the project works. If you have been turned down for a loan or have a housing problems like unsanitary conditions, no indoor plumbing or overcrowding you could be eligible.

"We just want to give that opportunity if they are willing to work hard, partner with us, we are happy to give a hand up not a hand out " Davis says.

If you think you may qualify and need more information, please call Habitat for Humanity at (806) 383-3456.

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