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NM to run federally funded insurance program

By Elise Preston

Tucumcari, NM--- New Mexico will soon use controversial federal funds to help many with pre-existing medical conditions gain access to health care coverage.

Over the next three years, the state will receive $37 million to provide health care to 1,000 people who are sick and uninsured.  The money comes out of a $5 billion nationwide pool. Funds won't kick in until the beginning of next month. However, this month New Mexico will start to enroll those who qualify for the program.  To be eligible, people must have pre-existing medical conditions and have been without insurance for at least six months.

A lot of debate has sparked nationwide over health care reform. 

Mother Joanne Denton, tells NewsChannel 10, she has exhausted  avenues trying to get insurance for her daughter who was diagnosed with cancer at a young age. Denton is pleased help is on the way for people in need.

"I don't know if we'll qualify. That's not a lot of people and they may need it more than we do." said Denton.

New Mexico resident Jane Stark is not thrilled for the upcoming coverage plan.

"I just don't like the way some things are being done, especially health care.  I know a lot of people are for it here, but I can't say that I am. " Stark tells NewsChannel10.

In 2014, the coverage will expire.  Then, the US government will implement new health care which was narrowly passed in March.


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