Growing Homeless Population

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Dana Phelps was abused through most of her twenties. She tried to leave her husband 11 times before finally staying away for good. Part of that is because leaving domestic violence often means leaving your home.

Phelps lived in her car for a while. "You just have to find the courage. and you have to listen to that little inner voice which is God telling you, Hey I love you. You don't deserve to be beat on. Get out of here," she said.

Almost $1 Million worth of federal grants are headed to Amarillo to aid the increasing homeless population. A group experts say is growing in large part because of domestic violence.

Family Support Services in Amarillo say Phelps is not alone. Their domestic violence shelter has been at or near capacity since around February.

"There are several contributing factors as to why there is a rise or escalation in domestic violence, but we definitely see it," Shelter Manager Ursula Demerson said.