Update: Claims of Police Beating

BORGER, TEXAS - Borger police just wrapped up their investigation into a mother's claim they beat up her son. Police say the officers did nothing wrong.

Here's there entire statement about the event:

On July 2nd, 2010, at approximately 11:40 PM, a Police Officer with the Borger Police Department was on routine patrol in the 1500 Blk. of Boyd Street, in the City of Borger.

While patrolling, the Officer observed a male subject, later identified as Louis Ray Monroe Jr., 28 years of age, of Borger, stumbling in the roadway. At this point the Officer made contact with Mr. Monroe in the 1500 Blk. of Boyd Street due to the Officers observation of Mr. Monroe stumbling in the roadway while walking.

As routine, for Officer Safety while detaining a subject, the Officer explained to Mr. Monroe that the Officer was going to pat him down. Mr. Monroe complied with the Officer and the Officer then started to conduct the pat down of Mr. Monroe.

During the pat down of Mr. Monroe, the Officer located a bandanna on the person of Mr. Monroe. Inside of the bandanna, the Officer located a clear cellophane baggie that contained a white powdery substance inside of it. This led the Officer to believe that the substance was possibly narcotics.

At this point, the Officer started to place Mr. Monroe in custody for the suspected narcotics. While doing so, two other Officers arrived on scene to assist the arresting Officer.

As the Officer made actions to handcuff Mr. Monroe, Mr. Monroe tensed his body up and stood up erect. At this point, Mr. Monroe aggressively and quickly broke free from the Officer and took off running from Police Officers. Therefore, at this point and time, Mr. Monroe had already resisted arrest and / or detention and was now running to evade Police Officers,

During the foot pursuit, the Officer deployed his Department issued TASER. The TASER probes struck Mr. Monroe in the back section of his body. Once being struck by the TASER, Mr. Monroe's body became tensed and frozen. Due to his lack of mobility from being TASED, Mr. Monroe then fell to the ground striking his face on the black top pavement, therefore causing injury to Mr. Monroe.

At this point, Emergency Medical Services (Ambulance) and Borger Fire Department were requested to come to the scene for medical attention for Mr. Monroe. While waiting on EMS and Borger Fire Department to arrive on scene, Mr. Monroe was cared for by other Officers with EMT training.

A short time later, Medical Personnel and Borger Fire Department arrived on scene and started medical treatment for Mr. Monroe.

While Mr. Monroe was receiving medical treatment, Mr. Monroe became very uncooperative, un-compliant, and aggressive towards the medical personnel that were trying to provide medical treatment for him.

Due to Mr. Monroe's aggressive actions towards medical personnel, Mr. Monroe was sedated by medical personnel. Mr. Monroe was then transported to the hospital for further medical treatment.

It was found later, that Mr. Monroe had a large amount of Methamphetamines and Marijuana in his system. Marijuana was also found on Mr. Monroe's person.

It was also found that on January 27th, 2010, Mr. Monroe was found guilty of evading arrest and / or detention in another incident. Mr. Monroe is currently on two years' probation for this incident in January.

At this point and time, the Borger Police Department has concluded their investigation into this incident; reviewing documents, reports, and video; and has found no wrong doing or violations on the part of the Officer involved.

At this point and time, charges pending on Mr. Monroe are as follows: Possession of Marijuana in a Drug Free Zone, Resisting arrest / search/ transport, Evading arrest and / or detention, and Public intoxication.

Lieutenant Anthony B. Griffin
     Administrative Lieutenant
     Public Information Officer
     Borger Police Department