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NewsChannel 10 Story Prompts Generous Donations

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - An Amarillo woman says her faith in humanity has been restored after dozens of people step up to help her out in direct response to a story you saw right here on NewsChannel 10 back in June.

When we first met Elaine Smallridge, she was practically in tears because the barn where she housed rescued horses was torn apart by a violent windstorm.

But now, thanks to extreme generosity by friends and strangers alike, her horses are well on their way to having a roof over their heads once again.

After our story about Smallridge's misfortune, money and offers to come help rebuild the barn came pouring in... From places as far away as Indiana.

Jerry Doty made the near 1000 mile trip to help out. "I've know Elaine for years and she'd give you the last penny she had if she thought it would help you out. And that goes for people and animals. And she deserves people helping her back. It means a lot to us."

At one point, there were 15 people re-building the barn... And those who couldn't make it out here sent money. 

Elaine told us about one local woman who works non-stop just to make ends meet, but was so touched be Elaine's story that she sent her fifty dollars.

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