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Claims of Police Beating

Deloris Dickson Deloris Dickson

BORGER, TEXAS - Deloris Dickson has always been proud of her son's handsome face. But now, she's just happy he's alive after shattering several bones in it. Lewis Monroe was life flighted to a Lubbock trauma unit.

"When I see my son, and his face was all twisted, he was jaw was twisted on the other side, his teeth was all up in the top of his mouth, he couldn't talk, his mouth was wide open. I couldn't image what happened, who would do this to him," she said.

Monore says Friday night he was walking along Alabama Street in Borger. Police tried to stop him for questioning and he fell to the ground. The next thing he remembers is waking up in the intensive care unit.

"It's not right. it's not right to beat a person like that. my son was beaten. I know it, the doctors know it. he was beaten," Dickson said.

We went to police to try to get their side of the story, but the declined an interview - sighting an ongoing investigation. They did add that Monroe was on narcotics at the time when he tried to run. They also have found no wrong doing on the part of the officers as of yet. Police add that Monroe's face was injured when he fell after being tazed.

"I'm 52 years old, I fall all the time on my face. I don't shatter my jaw like that. Something else happened to my son and I want to know what happened and I wanna know why," Dickson said.

All questions that should be cleared up when police release an official report later this week.

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