Vandals Could Ruin it for Everyone

Jimmy Muncy, National Parks Services
Jimmy Muncy, National Parks Services

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Potter Co., Texas - Vandalism at the Rosita Creek Flats State Park is starting to impact the budget for the national park service in our area.

What could wind up happening is the places people love to come and spend their time off-roading and camping could be shut down all together.

This past weekend vandals lit picnic tables on fire and used garbage cans as target practice, and someone even tried to burn down the park's entrance sign.

"When you have damage like this it eats away at our budget and gets expensive. We can't provide some of the things people really want when we're spending it repairing signs and picnic tables and other things and then just picking up trash," says Jimmy Muncy of the National Parks Services.

Leaving your trash at the park is considered vandalism and Muncy says upwards of $60,000 is spent every year is picking it up alone.

He urged anyone who enjoys using the state parks to take care of them because if not they wont be around forever.