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Lake Greenbelt Drowning

Donley County Sheriff Butch Blackburn Donley County Sheriff Butch Blackburn

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Clarendon, TX - Witnesses are left stunned this evening after the drowning of a 17 year old teen at Lake Greenbelt. It was supposed to be a celebration of not only America's birthday, but also of beautiful Sunday despite reports of rain. But in the end, it wasn't any of that.

The weather this past weekend may have kept a few people from traveling to Lake Greenbelt on the fourth of July.

"It wasn't one of the usual 4th of July crowds that we are used to but we still had a large crowd," Donley County Sheriff Butch Blackburn says.

Among those who did come was 17 year old Justin Angel Salazar of Amarillo. Witnesses say they heard screaming just after the teen tried to swim out to a small island.

"When he got to the middle I think he got a cramp or something because he just went down," witness Marianna Lopez said.

Nobody saw Salazar again until the Clarendon dive team pronounced him dead just over an hour later. Sheriff Blackburn said,"They recovered the gentlemen's body at about 1:47 PM and he was found about 25 foot from shore in water of about 12 foot depth,"

Marianna Lopez was in the water at the time of the drowning. "Sad because you usually don't see people die in front of you."

She said it was incredible to see how quickly the dive team worked to recover the Amarillo teen. "Unfortunately they've had way too much practice over the years. They started in 99 and since then have averaged about 1 a year."

An autopsy tomorrow in Lubbock could bring more answers to exactly what happened.

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