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FDA wants limits on antibiotics given to livestock

Tom Lee
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - The Food and Drug Administration is calling for livestock farmers to limit the amount of antibiotics they give to their animals.

The FDA believes the continued use of antibiotics in cattle could create drug-resistant bacteria and harm humans.

The agency wants cattlemen to limit their use of antibiotics to only sick animals, and under the careful supervision of veterinarians.

Many groups believe ranchers use antibiotics for the sole purpose of fattening up animals to help increase profit.

But Cactus Feeders in Amarillo say that's not true, and antibiotics use in their cattle helps keep them healthy.

"I think we've limited the use of anti-microbials versus what we did 10 to 20 years ago. I know when I started in this profession years ago, the usages of those products were a lot higher than now. I think we've found other ways animal husbandry wise, and other alternative ways to treating that many cattle."

The FDA has made similar recommendations in past without much change to the law.

The agency is expected to issue more specific guidelines in the near future.


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