To Grill or not to Grill?

Deputy Fire Marshal Dennis Gwyn
Deputy Fire Marshal Dennis Gwyn

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - With this weekend's weather leaving 4th of July events in question all over the area. You might think grilling is the one activity you can't have the holiday without.

It might seem like a decent idea but bringing your grill out of the rain underneath an overhang or in to your garage is not only illegal, but potentially deadly.

You can see and smell the smoke coming off a charcoal grill. But what you can't see is the carbon monoxide that's coming from the flames.

"There is a definite hazard associated with that. Not only with charcoal but with propane burners as well," says Deputy Fire Marshal Dennis Gwyn.

And though rain may force your party inside this weekend,  Captain Bob Johnson says your grill should not come with you. "It is a problem but you can't bring that BBQ grill in the garage. Or in the house. Believe it or not we have seen some of that."

Amarillo fire code doesn't even allow a grill to be used under an overhang and requires you to move your flames at least 10 feet from anything which can catch fire.

So if it is raining.... "Put off your plans. It is a lot better than ending up in the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning or even burn injuries."

And if those risks don't scare you, the fine for breaking code is up to $2,000 per violation.

These rules go for outdoor apartment balconies as well unless there is a working sprinkler system overhead. So just keep in mind that a little rain never hurt anybody, but a little fire can.