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Want Nutritious Food? Use Nuval.

Micah Wing, BSA Registered Dietician Micah Wing, BSA Registered Dietician

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TEXAS - When you head to the grocery store to prepare for your independence day cookout, you may notice an extra number on the price tag.

The Nuval scoring system and rates all foods' nutritional value on a scale from one to one hundred.

In the little blue hexagons on price tags at Market Street, you will see a number.  That number is your Nuval score.

BSA registered dietician Micah Wing says, "it was based on several pieces of research from physicians, dietitians, and overall researchers. They developed a score that would assign a food a value from one to 100 based on different components of that food."

The developers basically divide the good components - like vitamins and minerals - by the bad components - like fat and carbs.

The higher the score, the more healthy the food.

Some of the every day items you would think have a high score actually have a low score. Canned green beans, for example. One can scores 52, but that's because of sodium. The no salt added" can has a perfect score of 100.

Most fresh fruits and vegetables score in the 90s, while snack foods like cookies often score below ten.

Market Street's Living Well Specialist Diane Cameron says cusomters "love it. They're happy with it because it's easy. The lower the number the less nutritional value. And the higher the better."

Since the system is brand new, Market Street United is the only local store using it.

Wing hopes it will catch on at other places, but knows it's not a magic fix to an overall unhealthy lifestyle.

She says, "no system is fool proof but this is a great example of a way consumers can quickly look at their food and identify is this a healthy choice for me."

Even if they do not choose the healthy option, Wing says at least they are aware.

Not all foods in the store are scored, but all food groups are.

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