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Are You Responsible for Damages Caused by Illegal Fireworks?

By Elise Preston

AMARILLO, TX - According to several insurance companies, many policies will still support liability claims in the event, damage is caused by illegally set off fireworks.

Allstate Insurance agent Clark Damon, tells NewsChannel10, Allstate Insurance does urge policy holders to obey the law, but in most cases, a liability policy will stand.

"If it was an unintentional fire that started, if was unintentional damage, the homeowners policy would cover that, but they may be subject to criminal and civil prosecution from the city or county," said Damon.

Amarillo resident Claudia McLaughlin disagrees with insurance policies supporting negligent patrons who don't abide by city laws.

"I don't think the insurance should cover that.  If someone does that to my house, I think they should be responsible for that.  They should go by the law." McLauglin tells NewsChannel10.

City fire investigators say, violators could face felony arson charges if their fireworks cause  property damage.  If convicted, the could spend up to two years in jail and pay out a fine of $10,000.

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