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Katie's Promise Needs Your Help

By Ali Allison
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX -- One family's promise to help other children with terminal illnesses is having a hard time getting funds.

Katie's Promise is a fund at Covenant Hospital in Lubbock set aside for families who's children are battling cancer.

It's creation is something Kelly Doughty of Clovis promised her 4 year old daughter before she passed away.

Kelly says "Katie used to beg just to hand out the toys I mean she would have a purse full of candy to give to the nurses. Everything and anything she could do she wanted to help."

The Doughty's have been using their own money to have fund raisers, something that hasn't been successful. "We did a dance at the legion we spent everything we had trying to get it going, we raised maybe two hundred dollars".

The Doughty's wish that is people knew the background of Katie's Promise so they would be forthcoming with donations. Kelly tells News channel 10 that if it wasn't for strangers helping her family 2 years ago they would have never made it.

"I just want people to know how important this is not only for to me but the many families out there. It was a blessing of my life to have so many families out there help us through we wouldn't have made it with out them".

You can go online at http://covenanthealth.org/view/donate or call Kelly Doughty at 575-742-519

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