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Paul McGill, New Zealand Farm Manager Paul McGill, New Zealand Farm Manager
Desiree Reid, New Zealand Dairy Farmer Desiree Reid, New Zealand Dairy Farmer

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Dimmitt, TX - They may live thousands of miles from the Texas Panhandle, but agricultural leaders from Australia and New Zealand chose our area as a place to perfect their business.

Eight agriculture experts from different backgrounds made the flight from Australia and New Zealand to right here in the Texas Panhandle.

"There are a lot of similarities here in terms of climate and weather. Their seasons are a little backwards but the climates are very similar to what they put up with, says Don Gohmert of the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

So they traveled to America to gain knowledge for their home countries. "To lead our industry in the future and that's why we are here in the states. The states are the world rulers and we need to understand the states," Desiree Reid a New Zealand Dairy Farmer says.

When deciding where to come on this trip they said it only made sense to come to one of the most vast agricultural landscapes in the nation.

New Zealand Farm Manager Paul McGill says, "If your going to go to the states I think you have to go to Texas. You know its a big state and it's huge for agriculture so in terms of agriculture production I think New Zealand has a lot of advantages to coming here."

And though things are very similar here the major difference is size. "Everything bigger in Texas. You have to come here to see how to do things big," Reid said.

And how much bigger you might ask. 500 head of cattle is almost double the average operation in New Zealand. Here some feed lots produce in excess of 20,000 head

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