Connecting Texas

Douglas Campbell, Vice President of AMA Techtel
Douglas Campbell, Vice President of AMA Techtel

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - A new mapping system could bring people in some un served areas closer to the information superhighway.

For the very first time, a map has been drawn showing the broadband availability all over Texas. And for people living in some rural areas like Oldham County availability is sparse.

The gray area of this map shows the parts of Oldham County without access to broadband Internet. We showed Douglas Campbell the Vice President of AMA Techtel the same map today. And he wasn't surprised.

"Adrian and Vega is pretty well covered. In the town itself and about six miles from the town. It's where you get farther in to a more rural area where the population density is really small that companies like us can't get there."

But the hope is these new maps will show similar companies how important Internet is to people who live there. "Gaining access to the information superhighway is essential to gaining economic development and growth," says Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples who lobbied for this map.

It could be essential for the survival of some of these towns. Because with the way things are going these days, everything including emergency response systems use the Internet.

Douglas says, "to connect our small communities like that in such a way will really help build an infrastructure for tomorrow.

The Texas Department of Agriculture wants to hear your input to make these maps more accurate. Just log on to and take a quick survey.

It tells providers why your area needs better service so in the future you can be just as connected as we are here in the newsroom.