Mike Leach case headed to Amarillo

Amarillo, TX - The ongoing legal situation between former Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach, and the university could soon be making it's way to Amarillo.

NewsChannel 10 spoke with Mike Leach's attorney Ted Leggitt today and he made it clear that his team will appeal a ruling made by a judge in a Lubbock court.

The notice to appeal has been filed, and Leggitt tells us that it is mandatory for the case to be heard and that this lawsuit will in fact be making it's way to an appellate court in Amarillo.

He tells us the appeal is a move on their part to get the ball rolling on the case, and not drag it out as long as possible.

A Lubbock judged ruled in favor of Leach in the breach of contract portion of the lawsuit but not in some of the other details, including individuals being sued. That is where the appeal comes in.

The details of the lawsuit are all very complicated but the bottom line appears to be, that a very high profile case with national attention will be headed to Amarillo.