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Texting & Driving is not an option for many area teens

DPS Trooper Dan Hawthorne DPS Trooper Dan Hawthorne

By: Maxine Ridling
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Hundreds of teens in our area were texting and driving today - for a good cause. Almost 400 teens all over the panhandle were learning just how dangerous texting at the wheel is. They were given the opportunity to drive golf carts in a parking a lot at Clarendon College but under one condition - they had to text a full sentence without hitting any of the cones.

"I'm at leadership camp learning not to text and drive." - Only one student was able to complete the course texting the sentence but he couldn't pass the section of keeping up a conversation with the supervisors.

Vega High School Agriculture teacher Jay Newton noticed when the students messed up once it was a continued downfall. "They will get frustrated and they will then accelerate or some of them will just completely stop and what we're trying to show them is that this is a highway and you can't stop on a highway."

Vega High Junior Chelsea Brown just received her permit and she said this was a lot harder than she thought. "You're not as smart as you think you are and you think you can do it but you can't"

Newton agreed, "The one thing that I have seen in nearly every kid that's gone through they've said - 'that's a lot harder to do than I thought it was.'"

DPS Trooper Dan Hawthorne who supervised the activity says although it was a fun for the students he always made sure they remembered one thing, "I just want them to understand that 80% of all accidents are due to distracted driving."

The FFA leadership camp, TxDOT, and Clarendon College were all a part of this activity.


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