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Wheat a Plenty

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Bushland, TX - Early summer means it is time for wheat to be harvested in the panhandle region. We all felt the effects of a winter with more snow than we are used to. But that moisture is now affecting the amount of grain yielded in our area.

Wheat has looked to be a good crop all year long, and now that the harvest is here it continues to show strength. "It's our hope that we maintain the strength that we have today. Weather has cooperated better this year than it has in the past. And so yields are looking good," says Texas Commissioner of Agriculture Todd Staples.

They're looking so good grain elevators all over the panhandle are seeing results. And at the Bushland Grain Co-op workers are dumping trucks 18 hours a day.

"More work this year than in the last 10 years. We probably have more in already than we did in the last 3 years combined," says Shawn Lightfoot, A supervisor at the Bushland Grain Elevator.

And as wheat leaves the fields here on the high plains, it goes directly into our local economy. "Wheat continues to be one of the primary crops grown in this area. And so certainly whenever we do have a good harvest, have good yields and produce a good crop it's beneficial to our local economy," Tim McDonald CEO of Great Plains AgCredit.

McDonald says in order to buy new trucks, clothes, food, or equipment, they must make money from their product. But even though yields are higher... "The price of the wheat this year is a little bit lower. About two dollars lower per bushel than we were getting last year."

Meaning those high yields are essential to turning a profit. Not only are yields looking good, but one producer tells me the quality of grain is the best he's seen in years.

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