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Living Green... Amarillo is Leading the Way

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Amarillo, Texas - A brand new community in Amarillo aims to be completely green and self-sustainable. 

Developers say it's all about reducing their carbon footprint... And they're doing it by building houses that are made almost entirely from materials found on their land near Wildcat Bluff... things like the rocks the home's walls are made of and the clay/straw mixture holding everything together. 

The one exception is the wood... There weren't enough trees out here to use wood from the land, so they got it from a local company. The goal is to build 310 houses, houses that are totally off the grid... They'll use solar panels.

They'll have a water collection system, as well as specially built walls designed to hold in heat in the winter and keep it cool in the summer.

Developer Mary Emeny says, "We want to have people here who can walk or bike to work. We'll have as many people actually work here as possible. We want to grow our own food here. Not everything of course, but we want to grow all of our own fruits and vegetables that we can."

This project is just getting underway... They're still waiting on finalized permits from the city, but 45 people are already on the waiting list, so once those go through, they can get to work.

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