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There is Gold in Goats

Ryan Cody

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Goats are becoming increasingly profitable livestock here in the panhandle region. herds of goats are popping up all over Texas. Some are being raised for meat, others for their hyde, and still other billies and nannies, for show.

With so many cattle in the Texas panhandle, it's easy for goats to get overshadowed. But recently their population in Texas has been growing faster than any other livestock.

"We have seen a steady increase in price of goats over the last 15 years as well as the growth in numbers," says local goat producer Mandy Cowley.

Briscoe County Extension Agent Nathan Carr says,"Goat population has grown due to various cultures having the desire for goats. Goat meat as part of their diet."

In-fact this year more than 750,000 goats will be shipped in to the US to meet the increased demand.

Carr says, "We already do see it in some of the supermarkets and certainly as it continues to grow in popularity hopefully we will see an increase throughout the state."

The market for goat meat is increasing all over the state but here in the panhandle the major increase is due to show goats. "Nearly every county in the panhandle offers a county goat show," according to Cowley.

Ten years ago the number of counties doing so was zero. A sure sign that goats are here to stay, even in a market dominated by cattle.

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