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Infants are the highest risk of Meningitis

By: Maxine Ridling

Amarillo, TX - Infants are at the highest risk for getting one deadly disease in our area and a local children's clinic says they are doing something about it. Right now incoming college students and 7th graders are the only ones required to get the meningitis vaccination.

But for the past 2 years Amarillo Children's Clinic has studied certain vaccinations to be approved by the FDA for infants. Apryl Mendoza who has been a part of this research from the start says this has been a need for a long time, "When you get it it's dangerous, life threatening and it progresses rapidly so the best way to protect meningitis is to get vaccinated," Mendoza said, "Unfortunately there is not a vaccine that is available and several drug companies are pushing to get one on the market and we're excited to get that done."

Common Symptoms include: severe headache, high fever, pain in the back of the neck, and a purple rash may appear.

If you would like your child to be in a vaccination study please visit Amarillo Children's Clinic web site.

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