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Violent Winds Damage Parts of TX Panhandle

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Amarillo, Texas - The winds have calmed down considerably from Thursday, when strong gusts ripped through the Panhandle, causing damage from Tulia to Amarillo. 

The winds came through just after midnight, and were close to 70 miles an hour... Just short of hurricane force. And that kept the phones ringing at the National Weather Service... Dozens of people calling in to report damage.

The winds were strong enough to knock down nearly a dozen 70-foot power poles in Hereford. They were also strong enough to knock down several cattle pens, so hundreds of cows stampeded all over the place during the storm.

NWS Meteorologist Lance Goehring says "They were straight line winds of out thunderstorms that were to our south down near Tulia and they sent out an outflow boundary, basically a gust front that caused these strong winds and they spread out from those thunderstorms." 

In Amarillo, this light pole was ripped completely out of it's concrete foundation... That's right across from Bell Helicopter near the airport.

On Pullman road, an entire barn was destroyed. The 42x10 foot structure is now nothing but a pile of nails and wood.

There are also reports of trees down and roof damage in Canyon.

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