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Alert issued for 17 Afghanis gone AWOL from base

SAN ANTONIO (AP) - U.S. military investigators have issued a nationwide bulletin asking law enforcement to be on the lookout for 17 Afghani military members who went AWOL while training at a Texas base.

A bulletin was issued Wednesday, but the Afghanis disappeared from Lackland Air Force Base one-by-one over the last 18 months. All had been studying English as a precursor to training sponsored by the U.S. and Afghan militaries.

Air Force spokesman Gary Emery says the disappearances were reported to immigration and federal law enforcement when they occurred. He says the men were vetted by the military and aren't believe to be connected to one another or to any terrorist group.

It was not immediately clear what prompted officials to issue the alert. A call to the investigators who issued it was not immediately returned.

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