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The Crime Issue in Dimmitt

Dimmitt Police Chief Ray Aleman Dimmitt Police Chief Ray Aleman
Eddie Joe Ellis Eddie Joe Ellis

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Dimmitt, TX - Dimmitt isn't exactly known for a high crime rate.

"It's a very quiet town," one resident says.

The owner of Martha's BBQ Shack, Martha Richardson described the town as, "peaceful and quiet."

But that was until the last few months. "Our burglaries and also our criminal mischief has gone up quite a bit here in Dimmitt," says Police Chief Ray Aleman.

And just when residents here said they were getting fed up with it. Seven businesses along Bedford street were broken in to in just one night.

Chief Aleman says, "we filed four burglaries and four criminal mischief charges."

Leading to the arrest of 20-year-old Eddie Joe Ellis. Who is also awaiting questioning for several other burglary charges out of Memphis Texas. But resident's say Dimmitt just isn't the same place anymore.

"It's changed a lot and they need to do something so people don't do this any more."

"People will be a little more guarded now leaving their houses and cars unlocked," Richardson says.

Police are asking the people of Dimmitt to band together and look out for each other through a program called "Citizen on Alert."  where community members come together and talk about solutions.

Chief Aleman says, "people are showing good interest and I think it will be a good project."

But one thing is for sure. People have had enough.

If you have any input into these crimes please call the Dimmitt Police at 806-647-4545.

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