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Local residents celebrate Flag Week

Texas - President Obama declared this week as 'Flag Week' just one year ago, and this year some area residents are celebrating early.

The American flag as we know it turns 233 years old tomorrow, and the members of the Elk Lodge in Amarillo began celebrating its birthday Saturday.

Part of the yearly tradition is to retire the current flag, something only three groups of Americans have the authority to do, the Elks Lodge, the Federal Government, and the Boy Scouts.

Sergeant Mateo who has been in the army for 26 years, says this week means much more than just celebrating our flag.

"It represents over 200 years of ideals of people working together to make a great nation and this is the greatest nation on the earth...People are always trying to get here, and when the world dials 9-1-1 the U.S. always answers, and our men and women always go and we serve our nation the best we can."

Amarillo's Troop 80 who usually does the retiring, was unable to make the ceremony Saturday due to a conference in Washington.

During this week you are asked to say the Pledge of Allegiance at every public gathering until the Fourth of July.

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