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Plan to Save Lives

CLOVIS, NEW MEXICO - A controversial new plan by an area US Senator to save lives just cleared a major hurdle.

Tom Udall wants to stop drunk driving by changing how you start your car everyday. Udall's bill gives about 12 million dollars a year to fund research.

That work will figure out how to put in cars breathalyzers that would keep ignitions from starting when a driver is over the legal limit. As technology develops, Udall ultimately would like to see the government require this device in every vehicle sold in the US.

Experts estimate the senator's plan would save about 8,000 lives a year. that's 200 more people than it takes to fill up Amarillo's Dilla Villa.

If Udall's bill passes, it would still take more legislation to mandate every car has a breathalyzer- meaning you probably won't see any changes personally for at least another five to ten years.

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