More People Are Surviving Cancer

Paul Hancock, CEO - Harrington Cancer Center
Paul Hancock, CEO - Harrington Cancer Center

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Amarillo, Texas - More people in the Texas Panhandle are beating cancer than in years past.

Close to 600 cancer survivors came out on Friday to celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day at the Harrington Cancer Center.

We're told the event grows every year... In fact, it's grown so much since it first began that they outgrew the original location on the center's front porch, so they recently moved it to the back parking lot.

That, in and of itself, speaks volumes about the great strides that are being made in cancer research. CEO Paul Hancock says, "There are a lot of people in the past who might have died from their diagnosis in a relatively short amount of time, and now more of those people are cured. And even the ones who aren't cured are living longer with the diagnosis of cancer. So that's been one of the big advances. There are more treatments available that keep people alive and keep them living a good quality life for a longer period of time."

Survival rates have jumped about 11%in the past few years. The three most common types of cancer Harrington sees are breast, colon and lung cancer.

Everyone we spoke with today said they came out to celebrate how lucky they are to be alive, honor those who weren't as lucky, and hope for further research so even more people can attend the event next year.