Healthcare Reform Is Here

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Health care reform is here.

Today the government started mailing out the 250 dollar checks to people in the medicare prescription coverage gap. Along with the money, they're also sending a brochure outlining changes to come.

We took the information to experts at the Amarillo association on aging. They say it boils down to three main points you need to know about:

- That prescription coverage gap in medicare will be completely closed by 20-20, but starting next year there will be deep discounts up to fifty percent for people in the doughnut hole.

- The government is working right now on building insurance co-ops to help carry people who retire early until they're old enough for medicare.

- And starting soon upper-income beneficiaries will pay higher premiums. - that will hit about two percent of people enrolled in medicare while everyone else will see their premiums go down.